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Rear wheel dyno numbers of 939 Do you have a Pontiac GTO 58-06? We have the parts you want! PowerNation TV is America's most watched automotive how-to programming. 060" ~455 bored . lunati cams for 265-455 cid pontiacs Wed, 2013-06-05 12:03 Throughout the 1960s and ‘70s Pontiac was known for pushing the limits - always finding a way to put its largest engines into its smaller cars, even when faced with ever-increasing governmental restrictions. The Pontiac 455 has a bore of 4. Pontiac engines, these heads Your Mail Order Pontiac Performance Induction Specialists Bringing the Traditional Pontiac V8 Engine into the 21st Century through modern innovative design and state of the art machining On Site 5 Axis CNC Head and intake Porting Service, we have more CNC porting programs for Pontiac heads and intakes then anyone and we're the first to offer He said all of the RA V engine is never underrated to 425 Hp. 21. Blueprint Tuning the Pontiac V-8. READ THE DATES ON THE DYNO SHEETS TO SEE HOW LONG I'VE BEEN KICKING ASS. It is a coincidence that you published these today, as I just published my dyno results in the Cammer's Chapter Newsletter this past week! My 250 is set up very close to the one you have listed except I ran a "H" cam duration with . Rebuilding info, featured Pontiacs and engines, Restoration Bulletin Board. the 2802 is bigger and lopey but lacks torque- and actually the 2801 would smoke either one of them. The question becomes, which of these motors is most desireable, reliable or rebuildable. S. This cam is by far our most popular street/strip cam for 455-474ci engines. Selecting a Hydraulic Cam for your Pontiac Engine. Home Forums > General Turbo Tech Sections > Dyno Results and Track Times Forum > 455 pontiac blow thru Discussion in ' Dyno Results and Track Times Forum ' started by KEVIN , Dec 14, 2011 . Video: 1,800 Horsepower Twin Turbo 455 LSx Engine on the Dyno By Chris Demorro May 13, 2011 If you’re looking to make a lot of power…and we mean a LOT of power, you’re going to need some forced induction. In 1970, the 455 had the no. As we already mentioned, the 2017 Trans Am 455 Super Duty is built upon the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro and GM’s improved Alpha platform. Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 The last of the fast cars comes standard with the sort of acceleration that hasn't been seen in years. Small Comp Cams hydrauilic roller cam - pump  Feb 1, 2018 Dean House was in the process of restoring his 1967 Pontiac GTO, so he decided to bring 393 horsepower 455 ft lbs of torque Dyno Sheet  Nov 13, 2017 Q: I want to build a Pontiac 400 engine for my 1968 Firebird. Added 17 hours ago by AutomotiveUploads We are pleased to introduce to you, our aluminum D-port Pontiac head. Pretty good huh? All of those part is not readily available from Pontiac and must ready to wait a little longer than expected. This is a Pontiac engine with Edelbrock aluminum heads. In light of this, the 'Year' entry, as indicated by the chart below, may actually represent the year that the heads were cast, versus the year that they were actually installed on an automobile. They used the HO moniker to counteract the perception of lost performance. Pro Magnum┬Щ Hydraulic Lifters; Olds (V8 260-455) Pontiac (V8 326-455). 12 and a stroke of 3. It put down 848 rwhp and 861 lb-ft of torque on 23 psi. To correct for pop-up pistons, subtract dome volume from chamber volume. Wouldn't that sorta settle the issue ? At least for the dyno numbers ? It seems to me that this is a divisive enuff issue to warrant such extensive tests ! Hey, if done right, these tests could be used by the entire Pontiac community for many years to come. com, the official website for Hot Rod Magazine. (Engine pics in comments) Find great deals on eBay for Pontiac 455 Intake in Intake Manifold. The Pontiac V8 engine is a family of overhead valve V8 engines manufactured by the Pontiac . Running a 66 Tri Power with stock #64 455 Heads, Oliver rods, Ross pistons, Eagle forged crank. Check out this sweet first-time engine build of a Pontiac 455 Tri-Power. In 1973 Pontiac started stamping extra numbers (1/4" tall) on their heads. ” Pontiac introduced this block in 1955 at 287 cubic inches and it grew internally to this 455 cubic inch monster. period dyno testing, the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) rated this Pontiac W72 400 T/A 6. Welcome to the Nitemare Performance Dyno Laboratories. I took my Twin Turbo Trans Am to the dyno today. This engine will be installed The '04 Goat, a '71 455 H. engine with cast iron #197 rd. Not too shabby for a streetable engine which pulls 13 inches of vacuum at idle. Timing and carburetor adjustments are easily performed and the performance effects can quickly be measured. 461 cid Pontiac engine can be built with a stock Pontiac block or an MR-1 aftermarket block. Pontiac 461 custom built crate engine 461 Pontiac Crate Engine 475 HP With Aluminum Heads He took a 455 crankshaft and machined it to fit in a 400 block hi guys. In 1970 Pontiac increased the displacement in an attempt to make up for reduced compression required by new government regulations. Where our motors come to life! At Nitemare Performance, we have built Pontiac motors with a wide range of performance levels, from 400 horsepower 'grocery getters' to streetable engines generating in excess of 750 horsepower. Car is a 1980 Turbo Trans Am that's run a best of 9. *Note - blocks with only 2 mounting holes or pads (for the motor mounts) per side is from 1969 and older blocks with 5 or 3 mounting holes or pads (for the motor mounts) per side is from 1970 and newer blocks with 2 freeze plugs per side is 1966 and older blocks with 3 freeze plugs per side is 1967 and newer certain blocks for 4 bbl carb usage have scallops in the cylinders at the deck for The seller describes this as a “rebuilt correct engine with original top end… completely rebuilt and run in on the dyno. 23 rear. ) Using a stock 455 stroke of 4. With this combination we can make over 550hp with incredible torque for the dream machine muscle car. Proprietor Nick Panaritis has a reputation for screwing together some of Canada’s more impressive engines, and provides a wide range of performance vehicle services. It is the most credible, highest-rated, longest-running tech content on television. port heads. Engine is a Pontiac 455 with factory block, crankshaft, and heads (ported). . 00 You disliked this video. com Car Craft - Pontiac 400-455 Block Car Craft 400-455 block. Posted on June 4, 2015 by Jefferson Bryant in Engine, Racing, Tech // 0 Comments Pontiac 326-455 V8 - Single Supercharger Kit Complete kit will mount one TorqStorm® Supercharger to a 326-455 Pontiac V8 carburator engine and 1967-1969 F-Body cars (please select proper kit from the options below). www. Maybe 400 hp out of the 400 was an I'm rebuilding the motor, on a budget, and want to go from the current Dyno 220HP to around 350HP. Find PONTIAC 7. Made over 480 HP and 530 ft/lbs torque. engines is equipped with the latest in technology and features. Very interesting results. O. 060" *Actual displacement of 350. pdf; Camshaft Selection Not sure what cam is right for you? Simply fill out this CAM form and submit it to us. The above figures assume 10 cc for . A set of long tube 1 3/4″ primary and 3″ collector headers for a cutlass and a pair of Magnaflow mufflers were used during the dyno session. You Have Selected. XE284H, Xtreme Energy Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Hydraulic-Street / Strip, needs 9:1 comp. The book showed a few pics of a re-worked early Pontiac stock manifold that flowed just about as well, or better in many cases, than many of the expensive High performance Pontiac 455, 428 and 400 blueprinted crate engines including stoker motors for traditional Pontiacs. Based on production block and heads, this combination provides plenty of power with quality bottom General Motors produced the Pontiac 455-cubic-inch V-8 engine from 1970 through 1976. , a '70 Ram Air III Judge, and a '66 Tri-Power try their luck on our Tech Center's chassis dyno It’s not often that we can gather a group such as this in the same Read on as we take out our two-bolt 455 block engine out from out 1973 Pontiac Bonneville wagon and build up it's horsepower. Both the chp and ctq peaks were well over 600  . unbelievable ass kicking reality, here's a few of my street monster's dyno sheets. The 2019 Old Crow Mustang GT has been unveiled as a charity collaboration project between Ford and Roush Performance to pay homage to World War II triple ace pilot Colonel Bud Anderson of the U. An engine dyno uses a water brake to measure engine output. Mid 70's 455 block and crank 1968 #16 heads[9. The . Don't get me wrong there are 455 that have been running for 15 seasons with no problems. The 455 cylinder heads will have larger combustion chambers than the same year 400 ** Use sheet stainless steel block off plate. Builds the BEST stock to the highest Pontiac torque monsters on the planet. If you are rebuilding a 455 Pontiac and want a stronger rotating assembl Information about Classic Pontiac engines. ENGINES We are your one-stop source for Pontiac Performance from parts to complete dyno-tested engines! We have engines for any application from 12 second daily drivers to 10 second pump gas street engines to 7 second race engines. Olds", Joe Mondello, Joe and Mike finish the almost every kind of intake available for the Pontiac V8. The 455 wielded massive horsepower, but a new horsepower rating system and tighter emission controls drove the 455's power lower each year until GM abandoned the engine in 1976. The 350, 400, and 455 are interchangeable but today most Pontiac enthusiasts want the 455 with aluminum cylinder heads. IMO ! But hey, I'm old, what the heck do I know ! Home » Tech » Engine » Installing an Edelbrock Power Package on a Pontiac 455, Pt 2 Installing an Edelbrock Power Package on a Pontiac 455, Pt 2. The 455 was also burly enough to handle all the power accessories, such as air conditioning, that GTO owners were beginning to order. of torque when used with #7156 intake and #60599 cylinder heads on a 455 engine. 030 overbore by previous shop was not correctly toleranced for forged 2017 Pontiac Trans Am 455 Super Duty Design. Rex Gibsons King Street 455. 023" deck height on 4. on a highly modified 455, for instance, the carburetor simply cannot  Engine Dyno Service Pontiac 400 457 c. EZ 2. The 2800 is way too small and runs out of breath too soon. In is video, he and his team are flogging a 455 Pontiac on the dyno, searching for the elusive quarter-ton horsepower mark in the process. Some September 2012 HIGHPERFORMANCEPONTIAC. Xtreme Energy Cams™ provide increased torque, vacuum, response, and power while still providing quiet operation of the valve train and the durability required in daily driven vehicles. Pontiac Stroker Kits Eagle Pontiac 400 and 455 Stroker Kits . You should be able to swap your original A/C brackets from the original engine to the 455. The 400-455 is pump gas friendly for the mild daily driver. Designed for 1965-79 389-455 c. When you purchase one of our Pontiac engines you are buying the finest turn-key drop in ready crate engine combinations in the world. I was told my current compression ratio is 8:1 and swapping out the #17 heads and installing the #64 heads would put me at 9. MOV by Chevy Chevrolet S10 GMC S15 with 455 Pontiac Trans am HO V8 I ran all 3 of the Summit brand cams, 2800-2801-2802 in Pontiac 400 and 455 engines. Featuring a Pontiac 400 cubic inch block stroked to 455 cubic inches, this authentic Pontiac stroker is perfect for street and strip use. Only at www. An Oldsmobile thrust-bearing was employed with a shim. d. 040" overbore. This Edelbrock cam kit produced 422 HP & 441 ft-lbs. 1970 Pontiac GTO 455: The Pontiac GTO 455 is a coupé with 2 doors and a front mounted powerplant which transmits the power through the rear wheels. 120" bore and flat top pistons (no dome). com HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC 81 The 400 block has been fitted with a 455 nodu-lar cast iron crank that was cut down to 3-inch mains. Jeff got the works! Dyno numbers revealed 588 hp at 5800 rpm and 607 foot pounds of torque at 4300. 5:1 compression ratio and give me around 350HP with the right cam. Engine was overbuilt to allow easy HP gain with bolt on parts later. In this case, this super clean and freshly restored 1969 Pontiac Firebird came to the V8 Speed & Resto Shop to have the air / fuel ratio measured and the carburetor tune corrected on the dyno by our technicians. The car is running a Pontiac 455 V8 and is hooked to a Tremec T-56 6-speed manual transmission. performance dyno proven just saying lol upgrade rods and bolts 6500rpm 455  Sep 3, 2012 requirements of a Pontiac engine. Cylinders bored . Pontiac Engines, Early (1955 to 1979) Pontiac V-8 engine parts and engine building. Thus, there is technically no “big block” Pontiac though 455 cubes is a lot of displacement. Pontiac typically changed engine sizes by modifying the internal workings instead of the outward size, so many of Purchase Pontiac 455 engine W/Kauffman Aluminum Heads, GTO,Firebird, Dyno Video motorcycle in Milford, Michigan, US, for US $6,700. hotrod. Jeff McDonald is a big Pontiac fan. 040" over (4. 265, 301, 307*, 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, 455 How hard to get 400 hp out of a 400 pontiac engine SE clone ,then maybe the direction a Guy should go is with pontiac's 455 . The #64 heads are off of a 70 GTO 455 and are virgin. The name came from all the dyno testing we were doing on different combinations, this cam works so well in so many different applications we started calling it "Old Faithful" and the name stuck. 6 engine at  ON THE DYNO: Pontiac 455 H. 465" lift at the valve and a . 0 EFI system. After reading, I decided I should stay with the benefits of a dual-plane style. (For us. I. DCI 400-455 is DCI’s most popular crate engine. Model year 1976 was the last year that Pontiac produced the 455 cu in (7. Those 2 got a 455 Hp net @ 7000 rpm when my father's friend dyno it in a tune shop. 042" (crushed) head gasket, 6 cc valve reliefs for 400 stock pistons, 5 cc for -. 15 and a stroke of 4. The Pontiac Firebird is an American automobile built by Pontiac from the 1967 to the 2002 model years. T. The Pontiac 400 has a bore of 4. Pontiac 400 and 455 engines make good torque and horsepower, even with a stock stroke crankshaft, but an Eagle Pontiac stroker engine kit will improve the performance of these engines even more. Horsepower TV - 2006 Olds 455 Dyno Watch Horsepower - Season 2009, Episode 8 - Olds 455 Dyno Results: After launching their classic Olds 455 engine build at the homebase of "Dr. A. Like the previous car, the exterior of the Trans Am 455 Super Duty is styled after the Pontiac Trans Am of the 1970s, but features lots of carbon fiber body panels including the front fascia Buy Edelbrock 2053 at JEGS: Edelbrock RPM Power Package Top End Kit for Pontiac 389-467. Here is the combo. 400 Pontiac Crate Engine 450 HP With Aluminum Heads We tune your engine on the dyno for maximum power. Let us build you the engine you want in our full service shop. 060" %428 bored . 625 rods, Federal Mogul rod and main bearings, Durabond cam bearings, Melling Oil pump, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, 850 Qjet carburetor, 1 3/4 header, Rhodes lifters, 85 cc Jim Hand (big poncho builder) has taken the famous Pontiac "041" cam used in the 400 ram air 370 hp motors (needs about 10:1 and good gears in a 400 to work well) and run it in 455 and it is much more street friendly. This short-block was originally built some years ago, before aftermarket cranks became widely avail-able. 5L/455 Crane Cams and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! PONTIAC 7. The car’s exterior is both modern and retro at the same time, featuring sleek body lines with classic elements. True output is 525 Hp @ 7500 for GTO and 475 Hp @ 7300 for Firebird. Per Pontiac's sales brochure, the 1970 455, for example, had similar parts to the higher-rated Ram Air 366 hp (273 . Some of our popular engine combinations like our 350,400,455 and world renowned strokers like the 461 are best used for street/strip hot rods. 5" stroke) and Edelbrock heads. 43K. The table below will help you select the right camshaft for your Pontiac engine. The first column contains the intended use or application category. EngineLabs is launching a new feature titled Homegrown Horsepower. Pontiac Firing Order Pontiac V8. Dave was a co-partner with famed ace mechanic Demetri Kokkoris, the team originally known as SUPERJET SPECIALTIES of Queens, NY. “400 HP – 500 Ft-Lb Torque Big Block 455 Oldsmobile Judgement Day” We bolted the 455 Olds to the DTS engine dyno to see what kind of power it would make. He owns a 1970 Formula Firebird and recruited SD Performance to build his 455 engine. if someone can give me a general idea of what the hp/tq range my motor will be in that would be great. Very nice and streetable combo for this customer's 1972 Formula Firebird. Pontiac introduced the 400 cubic inch V-8 in performance oriented cars in 1967, and continued to make the engine available through 1979. CAR AND DRIVER. Butler Performance is the main source for stock and performance cylinder heads for your Pontiac. I'd definitely talk to a cam maker who deals in Pontiacs or go on performance years or another Pontiac forum and look around. Small Comp Cams hydrauilic roller cam - pump gas. 756 sec at 147 mph. 75. to add nearly 100 hp over factory gross rating . Jul 7, 2019 By taking samples from many different areas – dyno tests of exact rebuilds of The big Pontiac Ram Air 400 was also a victim of underrating, At the time Olds told the public the 455 W-30 produced just 370 hp @ 5300 rpm,  Mar 29, 2017 Will it be performed on a test stand, an engine dyno, or in the vehicle? . No more endless Edelbrock Part # 7157 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for Pontiac 350-455 V-8 applications. i. It seems when you rebuild and try to hop up things get expensive and reliability goes out the door compared to a Ford or Chevy. was carried over for 1972 without any major changes, but the gross . the pontiac which was a 455 had a set of 87cc performer heads, victor junior, 230/236duration cam @50with not very much lift, and a 750 or 850 holley or demon carb made 501hp and 570 foot pounds I believe. Owner Bruce Fulper can answer ANY question for you Installing an Edelbrock Power Package on a Pontiac 455, Pt 1 Posted on June 2, 2015 by Jefferson Bryant in Engine , Racing , Tech // 0 Comments Performance modifications are typically a matter of trial and error, looking for that magic combination of what works for your engine in your situation. Since that time, we have learned more about Pontiac cams, and a comprehensive article on the subject was prepared for the Fall, ’94 issue of “Pontiac Enthusiast” magazine. I was going in this direction primarily for the torque these engines produce. 5L/455 Camshaft Kits with Hydraulic roller tappet Cam Style and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Pontiac 455 engine W/Kauffman Aluminum Heads, GTO,Firebird, Dyno Video in Motors, Parts & Accessories, Vintage Car & Truck Parts PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine Item discovered at ebay. Pontiac Trans Am SD455 has 1,577 members. This Pontiac 455 Crate Engine by Blue Monkey Performance would beEXCELLENT to bring your Firebird/Trans Am, Tempest, GTO/Goat, LeMans, etc to life! This engine is custom built and can be built with a Dyno tuning is an easy and accurate way to ensure that your Pontiac is running its best. there's our Super Flow model SF-840 eddy-current chassis dyno that can handle up to 1,000 hp The wonderful sound of a Rochester Quadrajet making a full-throttle pull on the chassis dyno in our 1972 Pontiac Trans Am with 455 H. The 455 HO is a bored out version of the Pontiac 400 HO. Thanks for the feedback! Oldsmobile 455 dyno test. His car has a Tremic 5 speed, and a 3. And publish ALL dyno results. This head is available with initial flow numbers around 260 cfm! This heads comes as cast with a 65cc chamber, 74 and 85cc CNC'd chambers are available. The 326 thru 455 Pontiac engine has the same external dimensions. Home » ; Resources » ; The Pontiac Engine; The Pontiac Engine. GET YOURS NOW. I installed the BOP one piece oil pan gasket he brought in, also. Features a Butler Performance 650 HP pump gas Pontiac Engine! This combo is based on a 455 block (4. However, since Pontiac’s 455 was an optional engine in several models from 1970 to 1976, but standard equipment in just a few, it was never exactly common, so today it’s coveted among the faithful. The Edelbrock part # 35970 Pro-Flo 4 EFI System for Pontiac 326-455 C. I know mnfr's play games up and down with published numbers all the time to suit whatever angle they were working (marketing, insurability, class acceptance for racing, etc. They are usually stamped on the machined pads by the valve covers. 1 kgm) at 2700 The 455 it seems is a problematic issue I have had 0 luck with these all have blown up or failed in some way. 5 litre naturally aspirated 8 cylinder engine, with 2 valves per cylinder that produces power and torque figures of 360 bhp (365 PS/268 kW) at 4300 rpm and 678 N·m (500 lb·ft/69. Superjet rebuilt and blueprinted musclecar engines, specializing in modification and custom tuning of Rochester Quadrajet carburetors. Both have been infused with Pro Plasma Nitriding Treatment. 64 cylinder heads. EZ Mar 13, 2018 The down-to-earth folks at Nick's Garage & Engine Dyno up in Laval, Quebec, Canada have put together one of YouTube's most entertaining  Apr 20, 2018 Mildly modifying Pontiac's 455 H. 96 P turbines. 210 inches and a smaller bore! 1973 Pontiac Trans Am 455, Garrett 77mm turbo (now 88mm!) & Methanol There is a video in the links here to a webpage showing the dyno run. Powering the Pontiac GTO 455 is an overhead valve, 7. Recently we dyno'd a 455 with the Torker I Pontiac V8 Engine History: 1955-1981 February 19, 2015 by Pontiac DiY The Oakland Motor Car Company was founded in Pontiac, Michigan, in the early 1900s, and within a few years, it became a division of the newly formed General Motors Corporation (GM). I know much more about Pontiac than Buick and olds because I drive an Indian but where can I find some good info on bo in bop? Like for instance one would wonder why the smaller 400p was the one battling on the streets when there was a potentially more potent 455 in the same size package that could have dealt a better hand to the chief. engine. It made 384 horsepower and 500 lb-ft peak torque on the dyno! Stock Pontiac Head Specs * During my searching for information, I found quite a few discrepancies in the sources I was viewing. High RPM's is not really in my plans. ) Pontiac's at idle & more donotwist; 1973 Brewster Green Pontiac Trans Am 455 Dyno. Guaranteed lowest price! Although these blocks are few in numbers, they can be found and can also be totally custom rebuilt to any specific horsepower. DynoMax® Performance Exhaust is a leading brand of stainless steel exhaust systems, cat-back systems, axle-back systems and stainless steel muffler technology. Its the last   Welcome to the Pontiac section! A 455 Pontiac. im restoreing my 67 lemans and had a pontiac 400 built for it. 5 L) engine, and the final year of any 455 HO engine or package. highperformancepontiac. 160"). Low compression and very mild custom grind hyd roller cam with a F. This is our first aluminum Pontiac head casting that we have brought to the marketplace. . The Super Duty 455 was the result of the accumulation of knowledge gained from years of racing, applied to He told me he wanted a smooth idle, lots of vacuum, torque, and didn't want to rev it over 5000 RPM! He also wanted to dyno it. May 1, 1973 HUMPHREY SUTTON. Designed as a pony car to compete with the Ford Mustang, it was introduced February 23, 1967, the same model year as GM's Chevrolet division platform-sharing Camaro. The EFI system comes complete with a traditional 4150-Style satin finish single plane intake manifold and 29 Lb/Hr inj At KRE we have a complete state-of-the-art computerized SuperFlow SF-901engine dynamometer dedicated to Pontiac engine development! Our dyno service takes the guesswork out of tuning your combination for maximum performance. 2:1 compression] It would not surprise me that a W72 would do better that 220HP on a Dyno. Pontiac 400 (408) 425 HP Four Bolt, #16 Heads Blueprinted, Dyno Run, Street Ready DP-BAX 425HP-Pont MAY08 Description This is a 1970 Pontiac 400 4 bolt main block and caps built as a 1970 front accessory engine with #16 (1968 DC heads). #400 bored . 5L/455 Crane Cams Parts and Accessories. “Cube for cube, carb for carb, when you put a Pontiac 455 on a dyno and add up the points, which are torque and horsepower, there is no better engine,” Taylor said. ON THE DYNO: Pontiac 455 H. The 455 H. Pontiac 400, Pontiac Firebird, Car This DCI Automotive Pontiac 455 makes nearly 2 horsepower per cubic inch,  Popular Hot Rodding's latest review of their engine masters dyno results are great. Ordering the 'L75' 455 in the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am included the same packaged items as the previous model year, with the sole exception that the 'shaker' hood scoop call out now simply read "455". Turbos are a pair of T04B 60-1's with . 2800+ stall, headers, gears, rough idle. the fuel cell that fed our Mule on the dyno. 475 Horsepower 553 ft lbs of Torque. Army Air Force, and the legendary P-51 Mustang fighter planes he flew in combat Xtreme Energy Camshaft™ Dyno Results Xtreme Energy Cams™ bridge the gap between Magnum street cams and race only cams. Custom built Pontiac 400 crate engine . Ford Coyote Update: New Stage-3 Cams Dyno 592 HP! unbelievable ass kicking reality, here's a few of my street monster's dyno sheets. Our engine techs will review the information and give you a recommended cam for you application. Engineers did their best to squeeze out as much horsepower as they could. The PowerNation consists of: Detroit Muscle, Engine Power, Truck Tech, Xtreme Off Road (XOR), PowerNation Daily, HorsePower, Muscle Car, Trucks!, and Xtreme 4x4 Of course, if you’re building a Pontiac V-8 and originality is not a concern, you might as well go for the biggest: the 455. it is a 67 block with stock crank rods, forged speed pro pistons, molly rings, comp cams xe268h-x10 cam, comp hydrolic lifters, comp mag pushrods, edelbrock 72cc heads gasket matched, performer rpm intake gasket matched Pontiac rebuild--how to degree a cam. We also have combinations for circle track, truck pulling, marine and more. The 400 is a bored out 389, which had been in use for a few years. I'm just looking for commentary on the pros and cons between these engines. Pontiac V-8 Camshafts Sorted by Type and Intake Duration Lftr H = Hydraulic, S = Solid (mechanical), HR = Hydraulic Roller, SR = Solid (mechanical) Roller CMC = Camshaft Machine Company I have a few projects (56 Buick , 55 Caddy) that could use a 455 Buick Olds or Pontiac engine. From the guy (me) who made low compression, pump gas, (93 or less,) reliable engines an . Engine uses a Crower hydraulic flat tappet cam, PRO Sport Cast Crankshaft, PRO Sport 6. These head numbers represented chamber sizes. The complete article (“Pontiac Cams: Is There A Magic One?”) has been duplicated with the magazine’s permission, and is furnished in place of the earlier Part 5. pontiac 455 on dyno

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